"Ms. Manich’s staging was imaginative, freely mingling modern and antiquarian touches in the sets and costumes." [-New York Times, September 11, 2013]

I puritani, Boston Lyric Opera 2014

"The main merit of the scenic treatment is provided by American director Crystal Manich who precisely links the movements necessary for the development of the action without hindering the flow of this musical masterpiece of the great operatic repertoire." [-La nación, Buenos Aires]

"Manich is confident that the simple scheme of the play within a play can provide a perspective on distance, not being entirely historical, but is not psychological. And this is achieved by Manich using an economy of resources in addition a moving teatrino, having four different directions throughout the play." [-Clarín, Buenos Aires]

"Ms. Manich's blocking was nuanced, in contrast to her bold lighting. Puccini's glorious music is, of course, what powers this essentially static plot. But she directed a number of movements and glances that gave the action an unaffected atmosphere." 

"Crystal Manich's new stage direction had great impact...Manich was masterly in presenting the dramatic confrontation between Cio-Cio San and her community after she renounces Japanese culture to become an American wife. She was imaginative in using the minimalist set and achieved strong character definition and interactions throughout."

"Crystal Manich’s lively staging meshes pathos and bathos with quirky touches alluding to Poisson Rouge’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, and illuminates the link between Cavalli’s satire and the commedia dell’arte tradition." [-New York Times]

"Who thinks opera is user unfriendly for the average person! This unbelievably fine cast with these appealingly bright costumes and ingenious staging makes an entertaining 2 1/2 hour evening."

"Crystal Manich's staging was charged with nuance." 

"She managed to create visually impacting images...There was meticulous care in the atmosphere and details."

"The most striking aspect was the way Manich used lighting and stage manner."